KYK ('cheek') is an independent film company based on the Faroe Islands


We make films that transcend borders and resonate with an international audience

The name KYK (pronounced ‘cheek’) derives from the Faroese ‘kykmyndir’, meaning motion pictures.


We are an independent production company based on the Faroe Islands. Spearheading the new wave of Faroese cinema, KYK develops and produces high-quality films by ambitious local filmmakers, as well as international co-productions with Faroese creative elements. 

We aim for progressive storytelling of cinematic quality, working across borders, producing films for a global audience. 

The company was established in 2017 by producer Jón Hammer, who previously worked at Zentropa for 6 years, before moving on to independent powerhouse Adomeit Film, where he continues to produce. Jón is a board member of the Faroese Film Institute and a member of EAVE.


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